Chef Krishna

Our team includes Chef Krishna who has worked as a head chef specializing in Indian cuisine for more than a decade in restaurants like Zingertaj, Blu Ginger Indian Restaurant and many other chain hotels. Being Nepalese born Australian he has lots of passion towards Indian cuisine with unique blend of spices due to his heritage and experience. He not just creates unique and mouthwatering recipes for different customer as per their needs, he also makes his own masala to bring the unique flavor to his created recipes.

Chef Niraj

Chef Niraj is young and aspiring in the kitchen with great new ideas and inspiration. He has always been his grandmother buddy in the kitchen. That is where he got his interest in cooking and chooses hotel management and cookery as his main subject in high school and diploma. Working in Hotel and restaurant in India, Nepal and Australia he always comes with great new ideas and present it to the table which is loved by many of us.

Management team - Sandesh 

Been a part of management team in ZingerTaj Indian restaurant Sandesh will lead the team from the front with his experience from international chain hotels and suburb restaurants. After his education in hotel management and learning from his experience in countries like Nepal, China, New Zealand is a knowledgeable person with great sense and charm who will ensure you get the best of CurryNest.